Amaryllis Daphne JUMBO


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In a world of exquisite botanical treasures, the Amaryllis Daphne stands as a radiant gem, an embodiment of nature's artistry and a symphony of tranquility. Each bloom, a masterpiece in itself, unfolds in magnificent splendor, its beauty an ethereal dance of color and form.

Marvelously large, the flowers of the Amaryllis Daphne unfurl with a delicate grace, their petals bearing a shimmering quality that evokes the essence of rare, precious metal. These petals, like nature's own brushstrokes, are a vivid tapestry of red, as if capturing the warmth of a thousand sunsets, while gentle shades of pink caress the edges like soft whispers of affection. A subtle dusting of pure snow-white, akin to fresh-fallen snowflakes, adorns the petals, adding a touch of ethereal purity to their breathtaking display.

At the heart of this botanical marvel, a deep, dark red center pulses with vitality, a testament to the life force that courses through every petal and fiber of the Amaryllis Daphne. It's as though the very soul of this flower radiates from within, drawing you into a world of peaceful serenity, where time seems to stand still, and the beauty of nature reigns supreme.

These get HUGE, that's me standing standing next to this botanical giant. As I share the frame with this floral masterpiece, a sense of scale and perspective unfolds.

Will produce multiple stalks with multiple flowers.

Bulb Size: (34/36 centimeters)
Flower Size: 8-10”
Height: 20-24”
Type: Dutch

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