Amaryllis Stardust JUMBO Bulb


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The Amaryllis 'Stardust' is a captivating and elegant flowering bulb known for its striking beauty. This variety typically showcases large, snowy-white blooms adorned with delicate red brushstrokes or markings that resemble scattered stardust, hence its name.

The blossoms, held on sturdy stems, create a stunning contrast against their lush, deep green foliage. 'Stardust' is cherished for its ability to bring a touch of celestial charm to indoor spaces or garden settings, often blooming in the winter months, adding a splash of enchantment during the colder seasons.

Will produce multiple stalks with multiple flowers.

Bulb Size: (34/36 centimeters)
Flower Size: 8”
Height: 20-24”
Type: Dutch

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