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Mango Madness Decorative Dahlia

Mango Madness Decorative Dahlia

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Behold the Mango Madness Dahlia – a marvel of nature's grandeur, boasting gigantic blooms in a juicy, fruity hue that is simply mesmerizing. This award-winning exhibition type dahlia is not just a flower; it's a statement of style and distinction.

Picture mammoth 11" flowers that steal the spotlight with their stunning neon orange color, a vibrant spectacle that catches the eye and captures the heart. Each fluffy, double dahlia is a masterpiece, adorned with splashes of gold and pink, creating a mesmerizing contrast against its dramatically dark stems.

These compact plants are not only a visual delight but also resilient warriors, embracing drought tolerance with grace. Let them grace your borders or presentation beds, turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases of natural elegance.

For those who seek the extraordinary, Mango Madness is your answer. A midsummer to first frost bloom time ensures an extended season of beauty, while its height of 40 - 42 inches adds a touch of majesty to your garden. Plant in well-drained soil, and watch as these deer-resistant wonders thrive effortlessly.

Welcome this dazzling performer into your garden, and let the Mango Madness Dahlia redefine the boundaries of botanical excellence. With a #1 clump size and suitable for zones 3-10, this floral masterpiece is not just a plant – it's an experience waiting to unfold. Lift in Fall for zones 3-8, ensuring a cycle of beauty that echoes the changing seasons. Embrace the allure of Mango Madness and let your garden bloom with unparalleled grace.

Height: 36”
Bloom Size: 11”
Sun: Full Sun

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