Monsterra Adansonii Swiss Cheese Vine - Live Tropical Starter Plant


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Monsterra Adansonii, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, has very unique vibrant green heart shaped leaves with holes in them. This plant has a tendency to vine, and can be trained upward on a trellis, or left to fill out and hang. These make great houseplants, even for the beginner, as they are very easy to grow and care for, and exotic in appearance. These do best in bright indirect light, with well draining soil.

This is a live plant. Each one is grown in a standard greenhouse tray, which is about 1x1x3". 



We guarantee delivery of only live, healthy plants. If the plant you receive is not healthy, or damaged in any way, please take a photo immediately and email it to We will review your photos and determine the whether to replace or refund. Please report any issues with plants shown to not be healthy, alive, or any other issues within 48 hours of delivery. We require a photo of the plant for any consideration of replacement or credit.

We are shipping this as a live plant, that has been alive and growing in a greenhouse. As with all living plants, each requires care and proper nutrients to acclimate to their new environments. Time and your patience are also essential needs for plants to successfully transition to their new surroundings.

We offer a 30 day guarantee on all live plants and will provide a replacement or credit if you have any trouble within this time frame. This is our Live Plant Guarantee. Neglect, poor watering schedules, or purchasing a plant outside the recommended growing zone are not included with this guarantee. We require a photo of the plant in order to consider any replacement or credit.

We don’t have any way of knowing the specific weather conditions being experienced by every customer. Therefore, understanding your own weather conditions is your responsibility. If your area is extremely cold or hot during a particular month, and you place an order, you are assuming the risk of the safe arrival of live plants to you. Please be sure to leave a note for your FedEx or UPS deliveryman for proper placement of packages to avoid prolonged temperature exposure.

The customer takes full responsibility for providing care to the plants once in your possession. Customer agrees to open the box and take care of the plants received immediately. Failure of live, healthy plants to thrive is the responsibility of the customer after delivery. However, please do feel free to contact us for planting and care assistance if you need additional guidance.

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