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Amaryllis Candy Floss * FALL 2024 PREORDER*

Amaryllis Candy Floss * FALL 2024 PREORDER*

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**This is a PREORDER item, and they usually start shipping late September**

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Candy Floss is a specific variety of Amaryllis plant known for its soft and delicate pink blooms. The flowers are large and trumpet-shaped, typically measuring around 6 inches in diameter. The Candy Floss variety is named after its resemblance to the fluffy and sweet treat, as its petals have a soft, pastel pink color that creates a whimsical and charming appearance. Flowers are pink with greenish white throats.

Bulb Size: 26/28
Flower Size: 8 in
Height: 12 in
Type: Symphony

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