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Amaryllis Cherry Blossom * FALL 2024 PREORDER*

Amaryllis Cherry Blossom * FALL 2024 PREORDER*

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 A beloved classic, Amaryllis Cherry Blossom, lives up to its name with its captivating trumpet-shaped flowers. Their creamy petals, gently brushed with a hint of pink, create an enchanting display. A lime-green or pale-yellow throat adds a touch of magic to this already charming combination.

These elegant blooms, often lasting for several weeks, offer a gentle infusion of color to homes during the dark winter days. Amaryllis Cherry Blossom rewards patience with its splendid performance, flowering approximately 5-7 weeks after planting.

With the right care, including ample light and attention to watering, these thoughtfully prepared bulbs require little more than a warm environment to unleash their truly spectacular charm. By following a few simple steps, these enduring bulbs will grace your life year after year with their everlasting beauty. 

Bulb Size: (28/30 centimeters)
Flower Size: 8”
Height: 16-18”
Type: Peruvian

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