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Amaryllis Christmas Star * FALL 2024 PREORDER*

Amaryllis Christmas Star * FALL 2024 PREORDER*

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**This is a PREORDER item, and they usually start shipping late September**

Amidst the tranquil world of nature's wonders, there exists a floriferous masterpiece known as "Christmas Star." This vibrant Amaryllis variety ignites the spirit with the brilliance of a fire engine-red hue, its petals adorned by a mesmerizing green eye that gleams like a precious gem. A celestial dance unfolds as a bright white starburst graces each 5" flower, standing tall on 16" stems.

In the harmonious garden of the soul, Christmas Star shines as a beacon of joy and festivity. As the holiday season approaches, its resplendent blooms offer a gift to the heart, a radiant reminder of nature's artistry. With grace and poise, these floral wonders can be clipped to adorn festive arrangements, infusing any space with the warmth of the season.

Bulb Size: 24/26
Flower Size: 6 in
Height: 16-18 in
Type: Sonata

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