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Amaryllis Top Choice * FALL 2024 PREORDER*

Amaryllis Top Choice * FALL 2024 PREORDER*

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**This is a PREORDER item, and they usually start shipping late September**

The Top Choice Amaryllis (Hippeastrum), adorned in a radiant red, stands as a captivating embodiment of Christmas spirit and a seamless enhancer for any decor. With each order, a singular bulb, sized 22/24, is included—a promise of flourishing beauty and a graceful presence to infuse your space with a touch of seasonal charm. This exquisite amaryllis, not only a perfect gift, but also, with proper care, becomes a timeless investment, destined to bloom for many years to come, a living testament to the enduring nature of thoughtful gestures.

Bulb Size: 24/26
Flower Size: 6 in
Height: 12-18 in
Type: Sonata

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