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Blue Buddha Farm

'Jitterbug' Bearded Iris **FALL 2024 PREORDER**

'Jitterbug' Bearded Iris **FALL 2024 PREORDER**

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Add a burst of fun and charm to your garden with the 'Jitterbug' Bearded Iris, available exclusively at Blue Buddha Farm. This boutique iris features lively, ruffled blooms in a delightful mix of orange and pink hues that dance in the sunlight. Its playful and vibrant flowers make it a standout addition to any spring garden, bringing joy and beauty with every bloom. Perfect for garden enthusiasts looking to add a touch of whimsy and elegance to their outdoor space, the 'Jitterbug' Bearded Iris is a must-have.

Easy to grow and maintain, this stunning iris will bloom beautifully in the spring, creating a captivating and colorful display. Preorder now to ensure you have this unique and pretty plant enhancing your garden's charm. Let the 'Jitterbug' Bearded Iris bring a touch of fun, boutique elegance, and vibrant color to your outdoor space.

Fragrance: No
Reblooming: No
Bloom Time: Early
Average Height: 34 inches

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