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Blue Buddha Farm

'Nestucca Rapids' Bearded Iris **FALL 2024 PREORDER**

'Nestucca Rapids' Bearded Iris **FALL 2024 PREORDER**

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Enhance your garden with the rare and captivating beauty of the 'Nestucca Rapids' Bearded Iris, available at Blue Buddha Farm. Known for its stunning sky blue color, this popular iris features crisp, rippled petals and a soft yellow beard. Its unique and enchanting flowers make it a standout addition to any spring garden, offering a touch of elegance and rarity. Perfect for garden enthusiasts who cherish uncommon and beautiful plants, the 'Nestucca Rapids' Bearded Iris is a must-have for every iris lover.

Easy to grow and maintain, this exquisite iris will bloom beautifully in the spring, providing a serene and mesmerizing display. Preorder now to ensure this rare and stunning plant enhances your garden. Let the 'Nestucca Rapids' Bearded Iris bring a touch of boutique elegance and unique beauty to your outdoor space.

Each order comes with one rhizome, a promise of beauty and elegance for your outdoor space.

Fragrance: No
Reblooming: No
Bloom Time: Midseason
Average Height: 38 inches

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