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Berries n Burgundy Caladium (2 Bulbs)

Berries n Burgundy Caladium (2 Bulbs)

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Introducing the captivating Berries 'N Burgundy Caladium, a true gem in the realm of foliage. Unlike any other caladium variety on the market, its allure lies in its unique hue that promises to transform any space into a botanical wonderland.

Adorned with leaves reminiscent of rich bronze, accented by striking veins of vibrant pink, the Berries 'N Burgundy caladium is a sight to behold. Each leaf is a masterpiece, showcasing nature's artistry in every intricate detail.

Ideal for shaded environments, this caladium thrives even in full shade, making it a versatile choice for indoor and outdoor settings alike. Whether gracing a shady garden corner, illuminating a dimly lit room, or adding a pop of color to a shaded patio, the Berries 'N Burgundy caladium promises to captivate all who behold it.

With its striking coloration and resilience, this caladium is not just a plant but a statement piece, sure to spark conversation and admiration wherever it resides. Elevate your botanical collection with the enchanting Berries 'N Burgundy caladium and let its beauty leave a lasting impression.

Each order of this botanical marvel comes complete with two size #2 caladium bulbs,

  • Prefers: Part Shade or Shade
  • Height: Tall
  • Leaf Size: Large

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