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Blue Buddha Farm

Dahlia Mix - Variety of Colors - 3 Bare Root Tubers

Dahlia Mix - Variety of Colors - 3 Bare Root Tubers

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Behold! Behold! Feast your eyes upon our wondrous offering: a delightful trio of dahlia tubers, hand-picked with love and care from our splendid collection! Picture vibrant bursts of color, each bloom a masterpiece waiting to dazzle your garden and ignite your senses.

 But wait, there's more!  Embrace the mystery and excitement as we whisk you away on an adventure with our random selection of in-stock varieties! Who knows what splendid surprises await? It's a journey of discovery, a treasure trove of floral wonders just waiting to be unearthed.

 This is no ordinary offer; this is a promise of joy, a guarantee of delight! Don't miss out on the chance to add a touch of magic to your garden with our hand-selected dahlia tubers. Seize the opportunity to cultivate beauty and bask in nature's splendor. Get ready to unleash a kaleidoscope of color and charm with our irresistible selection!

Each order contains 3 Bare Root Tubers

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