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'Debutante' Caladium – Graceful Versatility in Every Leaf (2 Bulbs)

'Debutante' Caladium – Graceful Versatility in Every Leaf (2 Bulbs)

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Discover the refined elegance of 'Debutante' Caladium, a variety that captivates with its creamy white leaves and striking green veins. Perfectly suited for any garden or home, 'Debutante' showcases its versatile beauty through a fascinating transformation dependent on light exposure. In brighter sunlight, the leaves reveal enhanced green tones, while in shaded environments, they display a predominant creamy white. This adaptability makes 'Debutante' an exceptional choice for various settings, from sunny spots to darker corners. With a short stature and medium-sized leaves, this caladium adds a touch of delicate charm to both outdoor landscapes and indoor arrangements.

Each order includes 2 bulbs, ready to infuse your space with a blend of elegance and versatility.

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