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Blue Buddha Farm

'Florida Moonlight' Caladium – Ethereal White Splendor (2 Bulbs)

'Florida Moonlight' Caladium – Ethereal White Splendor (2 Bulbs)

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Venture into the serene beauty of 'Florida Moonlight' Caladium, also known as Angel Wings, at Blue Buddha Farm. This fancy-leafed variety is celebrated for its large, heart-shaped bright white leaves, delicately veined with pastel green and framed by a thin green margin. Growing on slender, upright stalks, 'Florida Moonlight' reaches up to 18 inches in both height and width, presenting a strikingly pure and almost luminous appearance. This tall plant thrives best in shaded to partially shaded areas, making it a perfect addition to spaces that enjoy gentler sunlight.

Each order contains 2 bulbs.

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