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Blue Buddha Farm

'Miss Muffet' Caladium – Pink Polka Dotted Charm (2 Bulbs)

'Miss Muffet' Caladium – Pink Polka Dotted Charm (2 Bulbs)

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Step into the playful paradise of 'Miss Muffet' Caladium at Blue Buddha Farm. This delightful variety flaunts heart-shaped leaves in a vibrant chartreuse, each one playfully sprinkled with dark pink polka dots and outlined with soft green-white veins. Petite in stature but big on personality, 'Miss Muffet' is happy to show off in both sun and shade. Whether brightening up a garden bed or adding a dash of cuteness to your indoor decor, 'Miss Muffet' is sure to bring smiles and a burst of joy wherever it grows.

Each order contains 2 bulbs.

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