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Blue Buddha Farm

'Red Flash' Caladium – Majestic Red Elegance (2 Bulbs)

'Red Flash' Caladium – Majestic Red Elegance (2 Bulbs)

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Embrace the tranquility and allure of 'Red Flash' Caladium, a gem among foliage plants at Blue Buddha Farm. Renowned for its grandeur, 'Red Flash' boasts expansive leaves, some of the largest in the caladium family. Each leaf is a natural masterpiece, vividly painted in deep red hues, artfully speckled with delicate pink, and framed by a soothing dark green edge. This variety stands tall, its majestic stature towering gracefully above border plants, captivating onlookers with a harmonious blend of elegance and vibrancy. Thriving in full sunlight, 'Red Flash' demonstrates remarkable resilience, embodying both vitality and grace in its chosen habitat.

Each order contains 2 bulbs.

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