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Blue Buddha Farm

'Harrison Strap' Caladium – Color Evolution Spectacle (2 Bulbs)

'Harrison Strap' Caladium – Color Evolution Spectacle (2 Bulbs)

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Discover the dynamic charm of 'Harrison Strap' Caladium at Blue Buddha Farm. This rare variety begins its journey with lush green leaves, only to transform into a stunning red as it matures—a true spectacle of nature's magic! With a tall stature and medium-sized leaves, 'Harrison Strap' is adaptable, thriving under both sun and shade. This caladium is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of theatrical flair to their garden or indoor space. Watch as each leaf performs its own vibrant show, making 'Harrison Strap' a fascinating addition to your plant collection. Each order contains 2 bulbs.

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