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'Abiquiu Falls' Bearded Iris **FALL 2024 PREORDER**

'Abiquiu Falls' Bearded Iris **FALL 2024 PREORDER**

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The 'Abiqua Falls' iris variety is a magnificent and striking flower that embodies the beauty of nature's cascading waters. Its large, ruffled petals showcase a vibrant palette of colors, reminiscent of the swirling pools and misty spray found at the iconic 'Abiqua Falls'. The blooms of this iris variety often feature deep purples, blues, and whites, creating a mesmerizing display that captures the essence of a waterfall's graceful flow. With its elegant form and captivating hues, the 'Abiqua Falls' iris brings a sense of awe-inspiring wonder to any garden or floral arrangement.

Easy to grow and maintain, this stunning iris will bloom beautifully in the spring, offering a breathtaking and serene display. Preorder now to ensure this exquisite and vibrant plant enhances your garden.

Each order comes with one rhizome, a promise of beauty and elegance for your outdoor space.

Fragrant: No
Reblooming: No
Bloom Time: Midseason
Height: 40”

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