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Blue Buddha Farm

'Over Alaska' Bearded Iris **FALL 2024 PREORDER**

'Over Alaska' Bearded Iris **FALL 2024 PREORDER**

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Introducing the ethereal 'Over Alaska' Bearded Iris, available at Blue Buddha Farm. Each order unfolds as a delicate embrace of nature's harmony, gracing you with one exquisite rhizome, a promise of serenity and beauty. Delve into the tranquil abyss of its rich blue falls, where lower petals cascade like azure whispers, seamlessly merging with the celestial white-veined, pale-blue standards that crown the upper petals.

The 'Over Alaska' Bearded Iris, a testament to the sublime, channels the pristine allure of the North, inviting tranquility into your sanctuary. Bask in the cool hues of deep marine blue and the crisp purity of white, a mesmerizing dance that soothes the soul and captivates the eye. Perfect for garden enthusiasts seeking a unique and serene addition to their collection, the 'Over Alaska' Bearded Iris is a must-have.

Easy to grow and maintain, this stunning iris will bloom beautifully in the spring, offering a serene and captivating display. Preorder now to ensure this exquisite and calming plant enhances your garden. Let the 'Over Alaska' Bearded Iris bring a touch of boutique elegance and tranquil beauty to your outdoor space.

 Each order comes with1 rhizome. 

Fragrant: No
Reblooming: No
Bloom Time: Early to Mid
Light: Full Sun, Partial Shade
Height: 36”
Zone: 4-9

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