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Lemon Blush Caladium (2 Bulbs) ** Preorder **

Lemon Blush Caladium (2 Bulbs) ** Preorder **

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** These are preorder and ship in Spring 2024 **

Caladium of the Year 2024

Behold the majestic foliage of  'Lemon Blush' Caladium, a vibrant presence in any container ensemble. Its leaves, shaped like tender hearts, boast a radiant magenta core embraced by a broad lime-green border. Rising in graceful mounds, it stands 18-24 inches tall and spans 10-14 inches wide, flourishing in shaded to partially sunlit settings.

Mindful of its preferences, provide a nurturing environment above 50 degrees, as it shies away from colder climates. While resilient to heat, ensure regular watering to maintain moist, yet not saturated, soil. As a captivating centerpiece or nestled within annual and perennial beds, 'Lemon Blush' adds a vivid flourish to your garden tapestry.

As the warmth fades in northern realms, usher 'Lemon Blush' indoors to bask in sunny windows, where temperatures hover around 65 degrees. Whether adorning indoor sanctuaries or outdoor sanctums, let the radiant hues of 'Lemon Blush' infuse your surroundings with joy and vibrant splendor.


You will receive 2 bulbs with each order and growing and care instructions.  

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