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Blue Buddha Farm

'Pink Sky' Caladium – Ethereal Pink Hues (2 Bulbs)

'Pink Sky' Caladium – Ethereal Pink Hues (2 Bulbs)

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Discover the delicate beauty of 'Pink Sky' Caladium at Blue Buddha Farm, where each leaf paints a soft watercolor of pink, white, and green. This tropical perennial captivates with its tall, variegated leaves, reaching 12-18 inches in height, and flourishing both under the full sun and in the gentle shade. Perfect for those who desire a touch of graceful color in their gardens or as a year-round indoor plant, 'Pink Sky' Caladium is a versatile and striking addition to any plant collection. Let its serene hues elevate your space into a living piece of art.

Each order contains 2 bulbs.

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