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Wildfire Caladium (2 bulbs)

Wildfire Caladium (2 bulbs)

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Prepare to be enchanted by the vibrant pandemonium of this captivating fancy-leaf caladium. Featuring large, heart-shaped emerald leaves adorned with intricate snowy white veins and sprinkled with magenta spots, this whimsical beauty promises an extraordinary visual feast. A true tropical gem, it radiates a cheerful array of colors and patterns, instantly illuminating any space it graces.

With its brilliant foliage, 'Wildfire' becomes a radiant focal point suitable for beds, borders, and even containers. Unfazed by direct sunlight, this tropical delight thrives under its warm embrace. Plant it in your garden, and watch as the accolades pour in. Regardless of your previous experiences with caladiums, 'Wildfire' is poised to not only raise the bar but set it ablaze with unparalleled brilliance and charm.

Order your caladium bulb today and start enjoying its lush foliage! You will receive 2 bulbs with each order and growing and care instructions.

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