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'Wildfire' Caladium – Tropical Brilliance Unleashed (2 Bulbs)

'Wildfire' Caladium – Tropical Brilliance Unleashed (2 Bulbs)

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Experience the dazzling spectacle of 'Wildfire' Caladium, a stunning addition to any garden or container. This fancy-leaf variety boasts large, heart-shaped emerald leaves, dramatically veined in snowy white and playfully dotted with magenta spots. Each leaf of 'Wildfire' offers a visual explosion of color, turning any garden space into a vibrant tropical paradise. This radiant caladium serves as a perfect focal point, thriving in both direct sunlight and shaded conditions. Plant 'Wildfire' in your beds, borders, or containers and enjoy the cascade of compliments it attracts. Its robust vitality and exceptional charm make it an outstanding choice for gardeners looking to add a touch of whimsy and intense color to their outdoor or indoor settings.

Each order contains 2 bulbs, ready to set your garden ablaze with color and life.

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